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House of Sound Live/Work Broadcast Facility


  • House of Sound is a small radio production company run by and for working journalists. You'll be staying in a self-contained bedroom, which is as secure as any room in a comparable hotel/B&B: you'll be given a key to the bedroom, and to the facility. The management cannot be responsible for your personal equipment lost, stolen or damaged on the premises.
  • If you are staying in the House of Sound you can file stories around the clock. However, "24-hour isdn" does not necessarily mean 24-hour access to isdn: if there are other reporters using the facility (only likely during a major news event of global interest), you may have to share the facility with other reporters. First preference for feed times/live broadcasts will generally be given to the person renting by the day, rather than by the hour. In the unlikely event of a schedulling conflict, the management's decision is final.
  • The hourly and daily rates quoted do not include ISDN line charges for outgoing calls, which will be imposed on an "at cost" basis (see "Hidden Extras" FAQ). There is no telephone in the facility. A pay-as-you go UK mobile phone can be rented for 5/day plus the cost of calls (deposit required). House of Sound cannot take telephone messages for you.
  • We assume you are an experienced radio professional, and will be able to operate the codec by following the very simple written instructions. There is no engineer on site.
  • Access to digital TV and radio does not imply you have the rights to re-use any material you record: access to UK broadcast material is something which you, your station or your network are responsible for arranging.
  • House of Sound provides internet access, access to ISDN line, and use of an ISDN codec unit. House of Sound cannot be responsible for any outages beyond its control.
  • BOOKING AND CANCELLATION POLICY: To book, email House of Sound at the address provided, stating that you have read the "Terms and Conditions," and providing your proposed travel dates. Upon acceptance of your booking, a 100 deposit (via PayPal) will be required to hold the place. This will be applied to your final bill, or refunded in full provided you cancel at least 48 hours before your arrival date. FORTY-EIGHT HOURS NOTICE is required for all cancellations, or you will be charged in full for the night or nights booked.
  • House of Sound will make every effort to ensure that you are staying and working in a clean and sanitary facility. However, this is not a hotel, and there is no daily meal or chamber maid service.
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